OFFERiNG guided meditatioN & Yoga classES IN PARK CITY, UTAH.

Haum Meditation offers many styles of private and group guided meditation and yoga classes in Park City, Utah. Our classes range in all major traditions. Haum Meditation offers wisdom that each and every one of us carry within, we just need to be reminded and taught how to retrieve the information we already have. Haum Meditation is a studio where anyone can truly find a home.

What can Haum provide for you? The answer may be different for every person. To us, Haum is a place where we can let go of our daily stressors, relax, and practice mindfulness. Haum is a place to fill up with love, comfort, nourishment, strength, and support needed for daily life. Haum is a place to dream, explore, inspire, focus, and create.

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Haum Meditation is located in the heart of Park City, Utah. Our studio is a welcoming space to practice mindfulness, meet like minded friends, and experience a wide range of meditation and yoga classes stemming from a variety of traditions. Inside our Park City studio you’ll find a small boutique featuring meditation and yoga supplies, mala beads, essential oils and natural skin products from UMA and OLIO SKIN PRODUCTS , teas from TEA ZAANTI, hand crafted fine chocolate from MANDALA NATURALS, and other unique gift items from small business owners.

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CINDY HALLOWS | Founder, owner, & Meditation & YogA Guide

Cindy Hallows is a Utah native, and provides a nourishing essence that enhances healing from the inside out. She experiences life from a place of unconditional love and gratitude to all that is within the present moment. Cindy enjoys spending time in nature in order to connect to her true nature within. Cindy truly believes in living life with passion and through this, provides support and wisdom to others on how to live fully.

Cindy has been providing healing energy and offering a support system for others through her work in yoga therapy since 2008. She has practiced yoga and mindfulness work on her own from the young age of 8. Cindy received her first yoga teacher training through the Sivananda Vedanta School of Yoga. From there she went on to pursue a Yoga as Therapy degree with InBody Academy. She has been providing yoga as therapy and offering coping skills in mindfulness and meditation to the mental health community in SLC since 2012. Cindy is a certified ThetaHealing practitioner and has gained knowledge in all major traditions of meditation, yoga, and Qigong through several meditation workshops and retreats around the world. Cindy has a wide range of knowledge in mindfulness practices and loves to share her wisdom. She practices healing techniques with mind and body connection, aromatherapy, color therapy, nutrition, and exercise in various traditions including yoga and martial arts. Some of Cindy’s gurus and teachers include: Elena Amato, Giri Beck, Antonio Sausys, Steven Michael Pague, Amanda Jones, Deepak Chopra, Thich Nhat Hanh, D’ana Baptiste, Swami Sivananda, Swami Devananda, and Swami Citaramananda. Among these are all the many souls that have shared information and wisdom along this beautiful journey called life. Cindy truly believes that we are all teachers and students of life.

Cindy offers her own unique gift of combined traditions and offers traditional styles that have been working for thousands of years. Come share in Cindy's wisdom and experience one of her guided meditation and yoga classes.


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