Haum Meditation offers a variety of moving and still meditations and yoga classes. Whether you're looking for a private workshop for yourself, want to establish a practice by joining a guided meditation and yoga class in Park City, or would like to improve employee moral by offering a meditation class at your workplace, we have something for everyone.

The following is a list of meditations & yoga practices ranging in a wide range of traditions that we teach. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us




Yoga Nidra

An ancient practice of yoga that systematically releases stress through deep relaxation and guided meditation that can be healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

7 Chakra Balance

Providing strength and balance of all chakras within the seven chakra system to encourage balance and restoration within the entire being using aromatherapy, color, music, vibration, chanting, movement, breath work, visuals, and meditation to enhance balance within.

Mindfulness Through 5 Senses

Finding mindfulness on an everyday basis through the sense of taste, touch, smell, hear, and sight. Becoming more present within life through mindfulness to create more beauty, joy, happiness, contentment, and peace from within so that it radiates out.

Sound Bath

Allowing vibrations of different sounds to create particular vibrational frequencies within the mind and body that encourage healing, rejuvenation, balance, focus, and peace.

Sensory Bath

Finding mindfulness (experiencing the present moment) on an everyday basis through the sense of taste, touch, smell, hear, and sight. Learning to use our senses to experience the here and now to create more joy, happiness, contentment, and peace from within.

Binaural Beats

Sounds that create balance within the body by inducing the brain to a chosen wave state. Theta waves are for deep relaxation and powerful healing. Delta waves will enhance deep sleep and rejuvenation. Alpha waves will create focus and reduce stress.


Focused attention on breathing exercises that create different outcomes ranging from focus, clarity, strength, endurance, healing, energy flow, stress reduction, and anxiety relief among many others.


Find personal power and strength with intention, positive thinking, and affirmations. Repeating mantra to help create the shift and reprogramming of old thought patterns into new healthy brain activity.

Thought Control & Awareness

The possibilities are limitless when we find the practice of being present without judgement and without attachment. Gain awareness from within. Find the power to create your own destiny.

Metta Meditation

A compassion and loving kindness meditation from the Zen tradition that encompasses gratitude for the self and others.




12 main poses with variations for beginners to advance yogis. Supports spine and inner organ health. Pranyama, chanting, and deep relaxation are always included.


5 asana or movement series. Becoming a master within every pose before moving on to the next series is recommended. Teachings of the 8 limbs of yoga: yamas, niyams, asana, pranyama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and samadhi will be intertwined within the practice.


Poses and movement to release air and energy blockages to create a healthy flow of energy throughout the entire body. Helps to create drive, motivation, inspiration and allows energy to be used for focus, determination, and strength.


The practice of awakening energy within to enhance well-being. This class offers pranayama, movement, chanting, and experiencing within.


Incorporating movement, mindfulness, and breath to create meditation.

Animal Instincts QiGong

Playful practice that mimics the movements and behaviors of different animals to bring out our animal intelligence.

Vinyasa (Flow with ease)

Fluid movement with the flow of breath, beginner to advanced.

Restorative Movement

Deep relaxation and rejuvenation within each pose. Poses are held for particularly longer periods of time to enhance a deep release within the connective tissue.

Balance and Strength

With core connection, focus, balance and strength you will create an inner warrior that can experience life operating at optimal potential. Find strength within that radiates out. Beginner to advanced.


Join us for a class starting February 3rd, 2019 in our new Park City Meditation & Yoga Studio. For the new year, we are running a “First Class FREE” special. If you haven’t been to one of our meditation or yoga classes before, this is a great chance to meet new friends and expand your practice. Simply sign up for a class online, find us on the Mind/Body Online App, or drop-in whenever your schedule allows.