Guided meditation and yoga classes have been proven to benefit an individual's sense of mindfulness, general well being, physical and mental positivity, and improved social and environmental understanding.

Now imagine those qualities improving the overall moral and productivity in your business. Meditation and yoga in the workplace offers a range of benefits for your employees that create a lasting effect on your bottom line, all while enhancing the culture of your office.

Haum Meditation offers two options for businesses to provide meditation and yoga to employees:

Corporate Business Pass: For Park City (and surrounding area) companies who wish to offer meditation and yoga as a benefit to their staff. Our affordable Corporate Passes include unlimited access to our studio for all group classes, as well as open studio hours. Cost is based on number of employees at each business. Please contact us to learn more about this option.

On-Site Guided Classes: We bring our teachers and guides to your staff and place of business. See “Our Programs” below to learn more about this option.

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  • Sharped focus

  • Enhanced productivity

  • Improved creativity

  • Reduced stress

  • Lower anxiety

  • Decreased depression

  • Higher engagement with peers

  • Increased motivation

  • Higher sense of self and enjoyment of daily work

" Take your business, and your life, into your own hands with a mindfulness practice."

- Jeff Bezon (CEO,



Our guided meditation classes are 30 minutes long and easily fit into your employees' work day. Each class is focused to address a specific need. You can choose a class that will create a desired outcome or have our instructor create a bespoke meditation based on what your employees need that day. If there is anything your team is looking for, we have a meditation for it.

Example classes include: focus, energy, support, creativity, kindness, problem solving, relaxation and more.

We are able to offer early morning sessions before the work day begins, lunch sessions, mid afternoon breaks, or classes after the work day has ended. There are no change of clothes or equipment needed for classes. Just mind and body.




Haum Meditation offers several packages that will fit your company’s needs.

  • $250 - Single Class (1 session)

  • $900 - 1 Month of Weekly Classes (4 sessions)

  • $1600 - 1 Month of Weekly Classes (8 sessions)

  • $3000 - 1 Month of Daily Classes (20-25 sessions)

*Discounted rates available for booking 2 or more consecutive months at a time. Please inquire for more information.

Contact us with any questions or to register for your workplace meditation or Yoga package.